Wednesday, August 1, 2012

California Roadtrip: Carmel & Monterey

There's just something charming about the quaint downtown of Carmel 
surrounded by ridiculously expensive real estate.  
We enjoyed wandering, seeing what we could see.
We kicked things off with breakfast at Katy's Place, which was so good, but the portions were enough for a family of four

We drove the 17-mile drive, wishing we were on bikes instead of in our rental 

We stopped for a glass of wine at the Spanish Links and cozied up by the fire.
We walked in on a cocktail party at Pebble Beach 
and ease dropped until our hearts were content


We watched the surfers
We held hands
We peeked into photo galleries
We saw whales in Monterey

 We stopped for coffee
We passed through Salinas and saw where a good amount of our food is produced- fascinating

We had dinner at Casanova and La Bicyclette 
and adopted a new strategy to our week long food feast 
with the hope that we'll still be able to fit in our clothes by the time we leave- 
salads for both and an entree to split- 
perfect and delicious and more room for wine!

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