About Me

As a little girl I grew up with a giant Willow tree swaying outside my window. I spent countless hours gazing at that tree in wonder. How long had it been there? How deep were its roots? Would it weather the storm and still be standing when I woke? How many other young girls had stared at this same tree like me?

Today, I'm a so-called adult at 34, newly married to my Mr. oh-so-worth-the-wait best friend, and often times I find myself asking in the busyness of the everyday, "Where does the time go?"

My hope with this space is to slow down, find the ordinary and extraordinary in the everyday and find myself once again Willow Gazing.

Please join me.

* And check out my Gazing List. It's what I'll be Gazing toward.


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    Hey friend! I love the space you've created here - and I'm super excited to be your first follower! XO

    1. Thanks Nicole. I feel like there should be a door prize :)


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